'At Rochelle Twp. High School, we have used many of All American Iron’s products and they have really helped us supplement our strength and conditioning program. I think one of Steve’s greatest strengths is creating products that help us train the functional strength needed to succeed on the athletic field. The quality and durability is always top notch and Steve has been a great resource for ideas and will always take as much time as necessary to meet your needs. We look forward to continuing to work with Steve to help our athletes reach their full potential.'

Kevin Crandall

Head Football Coach / Athletic Director
Rochelle Twp. High School
Rochelle, Illinois

'Our All American equipment has all been of the highest quality in build and durability. The alternatives that the training harnesses and strongman bars give us in organizing our programs are excellent, and our youngsters are excited to use them. Functional strength is the key to athletic success, and our All American equipment has helped us build that.'

Pat Elder

Athletic Director / Head Football Coach
Richmond-Burton Community High School
Richmond, IL.

'The strongman log bars have been a great addition to our weight room. All of our athletes like the feel of the bar as we do some supplemental lifts that we can't do on a conventional bar. Even some of our younger middle school athletes are able to do some cleans and overhead lifts with the log bar. I don't think anyone will be disappointed with the quality and performance of the strongman log bars. Thank you very much for all of your help and support!'

Leroy Marsh

Head Football Coach for 32 years
Munster High School
Munster, Indiana
A member of the Indiana Football Hall of Fame