Olympic Collar & Chain Lock System
Utilize 'Old School' training methods while maintaining workout safety

Collar Chain System Collar Chain System

  • Sold in sets - (2) 2' lengths of 1/4" extension chain, and (2) 7' lengths of 1/2' chain
  • Collars are precision machined and powder coated / Chain is plated to prevent corrosion
  • Adjustable chain system can be used in all movements from dead lifts to overhead presses
  • Quick snap links allow efficient chain length and weight changes between sets
  • Adds progressive weight through the positive movement of any lifting movement
  • Simulates the increased resistance encountered by athletes involved in contact sports
Safety NOTE: A minimum of 1' of chain per side should remain in contact with the workout surface at all times through the full range of movement. This prevents ballistic movement of the chain which could cause a dangerous imbalance while performing any lift.

Simple 'Training with Chains' Methodology

At the top or lockout portion of any lifting movement an athlete is holding the most weight when incorporating chains into a workout. As the athlete lowers the bar, the workout surface assumes the weight of the chain and the resistance becomes less. As the athlete completes the positive movement of the lift, he/she now reassumes the progressive weight of the chain as it comes off the workout surface. Therefore by the simple laws of gravity and physics, the athlete is causing positive adaption. Where an athlete's workload is usally heavy to light it is now reversed - light to heavy. An excellent tool utilized for many lifts including all presses, squats, cleans, etc.

Specifications & Cost

1 Set Includes -
(2) collars @ 5 lbs each = 10 lbs
(2) extension chains with rings and quick links = 6 lbs
(2) 1/2" chains @ 7' long @ 3 lbs/ft = 42 lbs
Net wt - 58 lbs$150.00 / ea

Additional lengths / combinations of chain are also available:

1/2" Chain = weight is 3 lbs / ft$5.00 / ft

5/8" Chain = weight is 4 lbs / ft$10.00 / ft
3/4" Chain = weight is 6 lbs / ft$15.00 / ft

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